• To make a reservation at Camp Kanesatake, a rental application must be completed and mailed to the Camp Office along with 20% deposit and proof of insurance.
  • Please email the Camp Office for a rental application and include the details below:
    • Name of your church or organization and the type of group you will be bring (i.e. youth group, men’s retreat, ladies retreat)
    • The preferred date(s) for your retreat
    • Estimated number of people who will be attending
  • The entire rental fee must be paid upon arrival at Camp Kanesatake. Please make checks payable to Camp Kanesatake. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Camp email: Camp phone number: 888.414.2267


  • Cancellations create difficulties for our preparation and scheduling with other groups. The 20% deposit is needed to confirm a reservation but is nonrefundable if reservation is cancelled.
  • Less than 7 days in advance, the group must pay 50% of the estimated total bill.